Your Guide To This Summer's Best L.A. Music Festivals

by Ginelle Boyer · July 11, 2013

As the time of year meant for letting loose and basking in the warm air and sunshine, summertime fun and music festival go hand-in-hand, complete with live music, dancing and general revelry. Lucky for us, the music fest circuit is kicking into high gear and L.A. is hosting some of the hottest ones this summer for your enjoyment. This year we have long-running festivals holding it down and a couple of newbies breaking onto the scene, all of which cover the whole music fest spectrum, from the unst-unst, rave-y, PLUR-filled ones to the psychedelic hippy-ish retreats. We've pored over the plethora of events and narrowed it down to the ones you can't miss, so pay attention as we guide to the best music festivals to hit this summer in the L.A. area.