Our Los Angeles Adventure...Starts Now (From 35,000 Miles Above Ground)

by Rachelle Hruska · February 5, 2010

Sarah Mandato and I are high above the Midwest (hi mom!) en route to sunny L.A. where we will be working quickly to secure team Guest of a Guest L.A. Lucky for you, we will be documenting our adventures on my personal tumblr, rachellehruska.com and twitter accounts. If you are in L.A. or know someone we should be meeting, feel free to drop us a line. Chiara Atik will be holding down the fort in NYC, along with the rest of our team.

Make sure to email her if you have an editorial concern: Chiara@guestofaguest.com

Email Sarah Kunst for anything related to event coverage, photography, or fashion week: Sarah.Kunst@guestofaguest.com

Email James Brooks for all ad related questions:James.Brooks@guestofaguest.com

Email Sarah Mandato for Newsletter questions: Sarah@guestofaguest.com

Email Cameron Winklevoss to say hi from across the pond, and wish him luck in his big Oxford/Cambridge boat race: Cameron@guestofaguest.com

And finally, email Billy Gray when you feel the need to yell at us. He seems to take it the best. Or just email him to meet up for a beer on the LES, he's always up for it.: Billy.Gray@guestofaguest.com