Instagram Roundup: Rusko Brings Insane Wubwub To The Hollywood Palladium

by Emily Green · June 4, 2012

We've been more than candid about our feelings regarding dubstep. It's not that we have a general distaste for the entire genre, we just feel that as with pretty much everything else in life, there is a time and a place for dubstep and it sure as hell is not in a Britney Spears song. But a pre- Electric Daisy Carnival show put on by Insomniac and headlined by dub pioneer Rusko at the Hollywood Palladium? That's precisely a dubstep-appropriate scenario we are down for along with the thousands of filthy beat-loving kids at Friday night's show.

Before Rusko hit the stage, renowned DJ Andy C put on an impressive 90-minute all vinyl DJ set that, despite the overly enthusiastic hypeman who's voice blared over the beats throughout, got the crowd amped for the late night wubwub. With Friday's show at the Palladium as the final stop on his tour, Rusko and his team went all out to make this a special night with an incredible light show synced to his set that made for truly spectacular visuals. From the balcony looking down at the crowd it looked as though a shoe-less Rusko, one of the forefathers of today's dubstep, could have led a revolution if he wanted to. It was a pretty insane night and some chick took her shirt off, boobies bouncing around and all (god bless you, Instagram). Now let's take a journey of the night through the images from our favorite photo sharing app...