Nerd Alert!: L.A. Lines Up For iPhone 4S Day

by Emily Green · October 14, 2011

[Steve Wozniak first in line outside Los Gatos Apple store for iPhone 4S via] The release of a new Apple device is reason enough for people across the world, including Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, to lineup outside stores at ungodly hours to be one of the first owners of whatever the next best iGadget may be. Compounded with last week's passing of Steve Jobs and this week's BlackBerry outage, people may be extra motivated to gather outside and wait for today's release of the iPhone 4S. I'll never know what that feels like because I have a job I need to attend to, and even if I didn't, I'm no good with lines. If not having strangers breathe on me before 9am when I'm cranky to begin with means I get the products at a later date, so be it.

Much like what went down the day Missoni for Target was released, early morning crowds gathered across L.A. at cell phone vendors and Apple stores for the next generation iPhone which I fully intend to cop once the shitshow clears. Here's a look at what you're missing this morning if you didn't brave the iPhone 4S warriors...