Eavesdropping In: Borders Files For Bankruptcy; Political Uprisings In Yemen, Bahrain, Libya; Justin Bieber Talks Politics, Is Pro-Life; Charlie Sheen's Advice To Lindsay; Networks To Pull Female Reporters From Egypt After Lara Logan Attack?

By Emily Green on Wednesday February 16, 2011

Borders bookstore chain falls on hard times, files for Ch. 11 bankruptcy protection [KABC]

In wake of uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt, protests erupt in neighboring Middle Eastern and North African countries Libya, Yemen and Bahrain [LATimes]

You can read all about Justin Bieber's thoughts on U.S. politics, health care, and his pro-life stance in the new issue of Rolling Stone [HuffPo]

Charlie Sheen might want to wait until all the blow is out of his system before calling into radio shows to offer Lindsay Lohan advice [TMZ]

After CBS reporter Lara Logan gets attacked when caught in Egyptian protests, networks consider pulling all female reporters from the region [PE]