Eavesdropping In: Kardashians Pull Out Of Kard Deal; Pentagon Study Backs DADT Repeal; Jaywalking Crackdown; Madonna's Mexican Gym; Proof Of Charlie Sheen's Cocaine Use

by Emily Green · November 30, 2010

The sisters Kardashian cancel endorsement, have names and images removed from the Kardashian Kard debit card due to its exorbitant fees [Post]

Pentagon study supports repeal of DADT, finds gays serving openly would not have negative effect on the military's fighting ability [HuffPo]

LAPD cracks down on downtown jaywalking, hikes fines [KTLA]

Madonna's newly opened gym in Mexico City features a huge Andy Warhol-esque mural of her at the entrance [PE]

Does anyone really need a subpoena of medical records to know if Charlie Sheen does blow?? [Radar]