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Eavesdropping In: Larry Flynt Offers Hustler Job To Anthony Weiner; Rebecca Black Pulls "Friday" Video From Youtube; McCourts' Divorce Settlement; John Edwards Indictment; Saudi Women Fight For Right To Drive

  • Larry Flynt offers former congressman Anthony Weiner a job at Hustler Magazine with a 20% raise above his previous salary. [KTLA]
  • Rebecca Black pulls "Friday" video from YouTube. A little late on that, are we? [PE]
  • McCourts reach a settlement in divorce, Frank McCourt ownership of the Dodgers contingent upon a Fox TV contract and a trial to determine whether the franchise is community property. [LATimes]
  • Shortly before being indicted, John Edwards sought millions from banking heiress Rachel "Bunny" Mellon. [ABC]
  • Saudi Arabian women launch Women2Drive campaign, take to the streets to assert their right to drive which is currently illegal. [HuffPo]