Eavesdropping In: No Babysitting For The Situation; Blockbuster Bankrupt; Parrot Arrested For Tipping Off Colombian Drug Cartel!; Katy's Cleavage Gets Cut From 'Sesame Street'; Those Calvins Still Fit Brooke Shields

by Emily Green · September 23, 2010

Would you let The Situation babysit your kids? Yeah, neither would Kurt Warner [Post]

Blockbuster another casualty of the digital age, files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy [HuffPo]

Colombian officials arrest a parrot--yes, as in a BIRD!--for acting as a lookout for drug traffickers [KTLA]

Katy Perry's segment for "Sesame Street" gets cut for showing too much cleavage [TMZ]

In case you were wondering, Brooke Shields can still fit into her Calvins from the famously risque 30-year-old commercial [PE]