Eavesdropping In: Obama 2012 Campaign With Jay-Z?; Many Arrests, Injuries At Monster Massive; Justin Bieber Fragrance; Mel Gibson Replaced In "The Hangover 2"; BP Accuses Media Of Inspiring Public Fear

by Emily Green · October 25, 2010

Will Obama's 2012 presidential campaign feature Jay-Z? [Post]

40 arrested, 16 hospitalized at this weekend's Monster Massive Halloween rave in Exposition Park [KTLA]

Get ready for some Justin Bieber-scented wristbands and dog tags available at Walmart on Black Friday [PE]

After he was dropped by the film, Liam Neeson replaces Mel Gibson for the tattoo artist character in The Hangover 2 [TMZ]

In an attempt to rebuild its rep, BP's new chief exec says media and oil rivals were "scaremongering" in wake of Gulf oil spill [HuffPo]