Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best...

by SARAH MANDATO · March 5, 2010

All of Oscar week's hot happenings. Did you make the list? [DailyTruffle]

Armani Exchange concept store opens in West Hollywood. [Racked]

Lindsay Lohan makes DJ debut, underwhelms. She should stick to drugs guys girls...acting? [RadarOnline]

MTV sued over Jersey Shore, allegations that Ronnie and Sammi yelled homophobic slurs surprise, well, not a single person. [TMZ]

This year's Emmys to air live. Take that, east coast - no tape delay and we'll be in bed at a reasonable hour. [TheWrap]

Michelle Rodriguez to reprise previous role on Lost, so apparently she only fake died. [Perez]

NBC sets summer premiere dates. Now stupid people know what day they can watch the 4th of July Spectacular. [THR]