Twitterific Tweets, Who Has Better Nightlife, NYC or LA?

by Rachelle Hruska · February 26, 2010

@BloggeratiBritt RT @LindsayLuv: LA nightlife=reduce 10 points, NYers keep it real- better music, better style, better bleach jobs. Sorry Hollywood. about 2 hours ago via UberTwitter

@steveaoki Barcelona weather is like summertime in la. Wtf! Is winter gone already? about 1 hours ago from UberTwitter

@NickCannon Been talking about making pole dancing an Olympic event in 2012! Who's down? about 3 hours ago via web


@tylershields Amazing! RT @NireErin new blog postings and special posting on brilliant photographer @tylershields! about 12 hours ago from web

@jordanrubin "Empire State of Mind" is so good that I think they should make the freedom towers two huge molds of Jay-Z's penis. about 12 hours ago from Twittelator

@latimes Police believe body of former 'Growing Pains' star Andrew Koenig has been found RT @LATshowtracker about 13 hours ago from HootSuite

@rainnwilson I could listen to Evan Dando sing the phone book. ♫ about 16 hours ago via


@hughhefner Cosby and I have been buddies since the 1960s when I was hosting "Playboy After Dark." about 20 hours ago via web