On Skipping Southampton and Missing Montauk

by Joseph Russell · May 28, 2008

[Inside the newly opened Surf Lodge]

So here, as promised, is my account of Rachelle's and my Sunday night revelry. We were supposed to hit up the Southampton Hospital By the Sea benefit. Unfortunately two blondes plus a GPS-free vehicle do not a cartographer make, and the only airings our pretty cocktail dresses got was courtesy of the Southampton CVS (it was, at least, a classy, shingled CVS). First destination aborted, we decided that what we really needed was some reggae with a side of lobster rolls, and sped off to Julian Marley's concert at Montauk's Surf Lodge. (More photos below)...

Alas, we arrived just as Julian, and the kitchen, were wrapping up. Dutifully, we checked out the scene, deemed the wicker, flippers, and old-school bicycles cool enough to be worthy of return, before deciding that our stomachs' growling was more attention-worthy than the soon-to-play Will I.A.M.'s. With the help of our wise driver, we ended our night in a Turtle Crossings' induced food coma. Getting home to the range has rarely felt so good...