Follow GofG Los Angeles On Twitter!

by guestofaguest · February 24, 2010

@GofGLA: We have a brand new LA twitter account to go with our brand new LA site! Follow us to find out what's going on in the city of Angeles, as we bring you the latest interviews, parties, nightlife, and gossip. And you should also be following....

@guestofaguest: The mother ship, where we all go to get our New York news while out on the town.


@rachellehruska: Follow her adventures as she navigates the social waters and crowded freeways of Los Angeles. You'll fall in love with our Cornhusker editor in chief!-

@chiatola: Our associate editor, Chiara Atik is quite the witty one. She will keep you on your toes with her highbrow reading choices and lowbrow taste in everything else.


@billy84: Writer Billy Gray is reluctantly catching up to the whole Twitter thing, mainly to plug his own material. Follow him for commentary on insipid movies and mediocre political candidates, while enjoying the greatest hits of crazed uber-Tweeter Roger Ebert, which Billy often recycles.

@sarahkunst: Event Manager. Sarah, or "Kunst" as everyone here calls her, is enjoying her new life spent chronicling all of the social events of Manhattan for GofG. When not tripping the light fantastic, she is a connoisseur of reality TV good (Intervention) and bad (Secrets of Aspen).

@SarahMandato: Managing Editor Sarah Mandato finally got a Twitter, just in time to chronicle her big trip out west with Rachelle, but she'll be back in New York soon enough, tweeting from her nights out on the town.


@JGBrooksJR: Our Texan VP of strategic partnerships is a novice, but he's quickly slowly learning how to do it, y'all.



We are all still waiting and anticipating the arrival of Sarah Mandato and Stanley S. to twitter. Until they join, keep up with the good folks above!