Twitterland Reacts To The Quake...

by guestofaguest · August 23, 2011

The little hiccup we all just felt was certainly a bit scary. But, some people are taking things way too far. Here's some updates from the Twitterverse. Now, let's all get back to work!

The funniest Tweets: [Slacktory]

Appalling Aftermath of the day: The earthquake devastation in D.C. is almost too much to bear:

Here's Some Updates:

They've evacuated the White House.

Thousands of people checked into "Earthquakepocalypse" on Foursquare.

Here is some bad news: The earthquake was of 20 nuclear power plants.

Where were you when you felt the quake?

@mtommasiello 22nd floor of my building on 37th and 7th ave about to have lunch when everything shook...thought it was residual drunkness

@NamN_ Sitting at my desk in TriBeCa thinking about how I'm not going to miss the earthquakes in CA. #Fail

@b_dix: In CA & for the 1st time the tweets arent coming from us. Now we have better weather & you guys get earthquakes...Bummer bro

RT @xobetseyjohnson Found a cure for #earthquake: it's called champagne...cheers to still standing! XOX Betsey

@PeterDavisNYC Just overheard (straight) man on street saying to pal: "That earthquake made me feel horny (pronounced: whore-nee) - must get indoors.

Where were you? Let us know! @guestofaguest!

Now, let's all get back to work!