The Paterson Press Conference Drinking Game!

by SARAH KUNST · February 26, 2010

Quick! It's 3 pm and a snow day, so why not drink while we watch Governor Paterson end his re-election campaign? I mean if you can't drink away a political scandal, what CAN you do?-

Take a drink: Every time he refers to "the great state of New York"

Take TWO shots: If he explains his frequent disappearances

Drink your entire beer: If he blames strife in Albany on his distraction and unavailability

Drink: Whenever he says "The People Of New York"

Take two drinks: Every time he uses the phrase "apologize." but doesn't say sorry

Take a shot: Every time he mentions his family

Take two drinks: If he says it's been "an honor" to serve as Governor.

Drink your entire bottle of liquor: If he blames this on his "blindspot" for his trusted staff

Run to the liquor store and buy them out: If he comes out with an even BIGGER scandal than the one we've all been talking about...