For Immediate Release: CuriosiTeas NYC launches their custom teas with In-House Certified Nutritional Holistic Counselor and Ayurvedic practitioner, playboy model and Lingerie Football League Player Tanyka Renee February 8th, 2012 - CuriosiTeas NYC will allow guest to sample three custom hand -blended loose leaf teas that have unique names and personality only found in Harlem at their grand launch in Harlem, New York on Thursday, February 23rd, 2012. The launch will be held at Gran Piatto d�Oro on 5th Ave and 116th from 6:30 p.m. - 9p.m. and feature local business owners and elected officials. Guest will also have the opportunity to view a live painting session by Ms. Phia Presents, purchase vintage jewelry and apparel from Obora Lux�s pre launch, receive facials and natural skincare tips from local experts and enter for a chance to win raffles and prizes. Sheena Foster, Owner and President of CuriosiTeas NYC will host the event alongside Tanyka Renee, playboy model, Lingerie Football League player, philanthropist and president of D2B Holistics Inc. �This launch has been a long time coming for me, I am so excited to be able to provide a product that not only taste great, but has so many health benefits and healing properties� says Sheena. Sponsors include: Black Business Works, the National Association of Black Female Entrepreneurs, Inevitable Events LLC, Harlem World Magazine, New York Women�s Chamber of Commerce, John H Alston, Jr Photography, Tonnies Minis, Sweet Suga Mama�s, Nik Wes Photography, Gran Piatto d� Oro, and a partnership with Obora Lux. In a separate invite-only launch event to be held on Sunday, February 26th CuriosiTeas NYC will unveil its signature event entitled "Tea in a Brownstone ©.� The event�s purpose is to unite tea and tourism by welcoming visitors to Harlem and providing them the unique opportunity to sample custom hand-blended, fair-trade teas while embracing Harlem�s history and having a tour of one of Harlem's most prized gems - a Historically Preserved Brownstone. Inspired by the book �Three Cups of Tea� each tasting experience will provide guest with three unique tea samples that represent the essence of the author Greg Mortenson�s quote. "The first cup of tea, you're a stranger; the second cup, a friend; and the third cup, you are family," CuriosiTeas NYC is also passionate about getting involved in the Harlem community and will be fundraising for their social impact pilot project. Reconcile Teas, a nonprofit project of CuriosiTeas NYC will use innovative strategies to provide life skills and job training to youth from at-risk communities through a tea academy, cultural immersion and entrepreneurship program. CuriosiTeas NYC is excited to welcome guests to their launch on February 23rd from 6:30-9pm at the Grand Piatto d�Oro at 1429 5th Ave. RSVP is required for entry. To RSVP, send an email About CuriosiTeas NYC CuriosiTeas NYC is a Harlem based specialty bouTeaque company that specializes in custom hand-blended, fair trade certified, premium loose-leaf teas to create the ultimate tasting experience, optimal health benefits and cultural immersion. They specialize in tea education, tea blending, tea ceremonies, tea socials and fair trade consumerism education About Sheena A social entrepreneur, philanthropist, community activist, global labor researcher and native of New Orleans, Louisiana, Sheena�s passion for social justice peaked after displacement due to Hurricane Katrina. After teaching English and volunteering with Habitat for Humanity International Delhi, India where she was welcomed by local villagers with tea, her enthusiasm for tea heightened. She is excited to be starting her own tea company within the Mount Morris Park area of Harlem and giving back to her community that she loves so much. - launching February 23, 2012

Gran Pattio d'Oro, 5th Avenue, New York, NY
Thursday, February 23 @ 6:00 PM

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