Meet Stella Mouzi, Mel Gibson's New Gothic Fetish Model Girlfriend

by Kirby Allison · June 20, 2011

How does Jew-hating, bat-shit crazy girlfriend beater Mel Gibson manage to find women willing to date him? Foreigners must have a high tolerance for psychotic because after splitting with Russian born Oksana Grigorieva, Mel Gibson has moved on to the Greeks and taken up with latest fling, Gothic fetish model Stella Mouzi.

Mel was spotted partying at the Sky Bar at the Mondrian Hotel in LA with a group of girls, presumably Mouzi's friends. They have been also seen out and about on dates including one at Culina Restaurant. They also stopped by his home for a BBQ.



Who Is Stella Mouzi?

Don't let the leather clothing and deep red lipstick coupled with dark raven hair fool you, this 25 year-old isn't as sweet and demure as you would think.  This "Gothic fetish model" is on a visitors visa in the US right now but wants to apply for a longer stay, maybe to bunk up with her new beau a little longer?

What exactly is a Gothic fetish model? It's described as a "fetish catering to the dark realms of fantasy". It also involves scantily clad photo shoots while being tied down and appearing on the red carpet at events like the L.A. Fetish Film Festival Awards.

Watch out, Stella, judging by Gibson's past you may want to invest in some kick boxing lessons if you plan on sticking around.  Gibson recently had charges against him for domestic violence by former girlfriend and mother of youngest daughter, Oksana Grigorieva.



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