SATC2 Spoiler : Sequel Puts Samantha In A Wedding Dress

by SARAH MANDATO · September 21, 2009

Kim CattrallI know, it probably isn't that nice to put a spoiler in the headline, but it's so surprising that it hit us as a newsflash, so we're passing it on as one. The sequel will put the woman that doesn't commit into a wedding dress. With WHOM will she head to the altar? Will there be a reconciliation with Smith Jared? Is Richard Wright back? Maybe the shower flasher from the first SATC? The girls ran around with Kim Cattrall while filming this epic scene, one we can't wait to catch when the highly anticipated flick finally hits theaters.

Kim CattrallSarah Jessica Parker Kim Cattrall, Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica ParkerSarah Jessica Parker Sarah Jessica Parker

What was Sarah Jessica Parker's better half doing while she was couture clad for this surprise glimpse? Matthew Broderick was playing normal, buying a bike for son James. How cute.

Matthew BroderickMatthew Broderick, James Broderick

Matthew Broderick, James Broderick

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