Harvard Student's Aren't Above Making Fake IDs

by guestofaguest · January 9, 2008

Theodore Pak Harvard

When Theodore Pak isn't busy holed-up in Cabot Science Library, watching his friend play darts, or working at the Harvard Center for Systems Biology, he is busy making fake IDs and helping other underage bookworms get booze.

Theodore Pak Harvard

So Theodore, being a New York native, and obviously smart enough to get into Harvard, why didn't you really put those brains to use and do this stuff in High School when it was needed at the age of 16 and 17? You could have made a killing at your school. We were desperate for one of these things, and had to settle for the crappy "government IDs" they make on 42nd Street, or brave the scary mid-20 year olds in Washington Square Park.