Daily Style Phile: Andrej Pejic, Gender Bending Beauty

by Mara Siegler · May 17, 2011

Andrej Pejic has been making waves in the modeling community with his gorgeous androgynous look. Most recently he caused a stir for his bare chested image on Dossier Magazine, which is being covered on Barnes & Noble and Border's Book stands. We take an uncensored look at this unique model.


Born in Tuyla, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Signed with Storm Models

Debuts in 2010 during the closing of the Jean Paul Gaultier show in Paris where he also walked for John Galliano, Paul Smith, and Raf Simons

Known for his long tresses and androgynous look

Nicknamed "James Blond"


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Where You've Seen Him

Chances are you have seen him on the catwalk. He also appearedĀ  in the 2010 fall issue of Japanese Vogue Hommes, a French Vogue editorial, an Italian Vogue editorial, Arena Homme, and i-D. He has also been the face of Marc by Marc Jacobs and the spring Jean Paul Gaultier campaign. This year he closed out the Gautier show again.






Barnes & Noble and Borders have censored the latest cover of Dossier Journal.Dossier Co-Founder and Creative Director Skye Parrott tells Huffington Post:

"It's a naked man on the cover of a magazine, which is done all of the time without being covered up, so I definitely don't think it merits this, but I understand what it is," Parrott told HuffPost Style. "It's not a coincidence that it's only the giant U.S. chain stores that are asking us to do this....It's only the American copies that are being censored. It seems that it probably made people uncomfortable. But that's part of what's interesting about the cover, I think, is that it's playing with those ideas of gender roles. He's topless, you can see that he's a man, but if you look at his face, he looks like a woman and he's so beautiful, he's both in that picture, in a way. I think that's what's interesting about it."

This sort of quasi-non-scandal is just the sort of thing to get people buzzing about Andrej, who we are sure to see more of in the future.