Daily Style Phile: Charming Lorick Lady, Abigail

by Rachelle Hruska · September 2, 2008

Abigail Lorick

We were the first to introduce adorable Abigail Lorick to you last fall.  She was our first interview (as we were hers) and now, she is dressing the stars on the hottest television show of our time.  Abigail herself embodies every characteristic that she has set for a "Lorick Lady":

"The Lorick Lady silently speaks stories of Classical and Contemporary charm."

Ms. Lorick is graceful, classy, and refined, yet has a touch of eccentricity about her which makes her truly charming.  Abigail pulls off a tousled up-do sans makeup (save mascara) better than anyone I know.  For the young refined gentleman she is, I imagine, exactly the sort of girl you would want to bump into on your bicycle outside a cafe in the West Village.  She is adorable yet seductive, a combo that takes some talent to perfect.

More photos of Abigail and tips for a Lorick Lady below:

"The Lorick Lady embraces the etiquette of sports in the woods and translates them into her lifestyle in the city.  Her high-waisted pants look as good atop a riding pony as they do a rusty German bicycle.  Her silk dupion-lined cashmere-wool cape and Norfolk jacket are as chic strolling down a city sidewalk as they do along the Cherwell riverbank."

Abigail Lorick

When Preparing For The Evening: A Lorick Lady knows that sometimes the best part of the evening is the time before leaving her house when she is preparing for the night to come.

When Aging: A Lorick Lady ages gracefully and feels lucky for the opportunity to age at all.

In A Battle: A Lorick Lady always knows when to smile and nod, and when to stand up for herself.  A true Lorick Lady knows when and how to choose her battles.

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Abigail Lorick

Abigail Lorick

Abigail Lorick