Daily Style Phile: Kipton Cronkite

by Rachelle Hruska · August 11, 2008

kipton cronkite

When guy's ask me for my opinion on what they should wear, two things come to my mind:

#1: Why in the hell are you asking ME?!  I can barely dress myself!

#2: Go look at what Kipton Cronkite is wearing and copy.

In a far off future, when mortgages and onesies take precedent over rents and hanky panky's, I will hopefully be blessed with a partner that is sartorially polished.  Just in case that doesn't happen...I will have this post on Kipton to turn to.  Here is just a sampling of this tasteful man's wardrobe:

kipton cronkitekipton cronkitekipton cronkite

More photos below:

kipton cronkitekipton cronkitekipton cronkite