Daily Style Phile: Margherita Missoni, Tatiana Santo Domingo, and Eugenie Niarchos

by Chiara Atik · May 21, 2010

Margherita Missoni, Tatiana Santo Domingo and Eugenie Niarchos are each so stylish that they each deserve a Daily Style Phile in their own right. But they've been thick as thieves at Cannes this week, and it definitely looks like they've been borrowing from each other's closet...-


Imagine taking a trip with your two best friends. Except the trip is to the French Riviera, and you'll probably all arrive via your family's private planes/yachts. Where you'll party every night with your various royal/celebrity friends. Welcome to a week in Cannes with Margherita, Tatiana and Eugenie!

Who They Are:

Name: Margherita Missoni:

Age: 27

Lineage: Heir to the Missoni Fashion House

Occupation: It Girl/Acting Student/Model For Missoni/heiress

Name: Tatiana Santo Domingo

Age: 26

Lineage: Columbian-Brazillian heiress, niece of Andres and Lauren Santo Domingo

Occupation: It Girl/Art Historian?/Princess In Waiting (She's dating Andrea Casiraghi)

Name: Eugenia Niarchos

Age:  23

Lineage: Granddaughter of shipping billionaire Starvos Niarchos

Occupation: Billionaire/would be jewelry designer


Trends They Love:

1) Gold Beaded Circlets

All three girls are obviously huge fans of gold circlet headbands, though their styles vary from Indian Princess to Greek Goddess. Margherita and Eugenie both donned similar head pieces at the Noor Fares Jewelry launch aboard The Wedge 2. [Similar styles available from Anthropologie and HERE]

2) Scarves a la Edie Bouvier

Bright printed scarves have the double advantage of looking stylish and keeping hair in place on windy yachts. Margherita, Tatiana and Eugenie all donned scarves to the Replay party in Cannes.

3) Mixmatched Patterns and Textures

Missoni is obviously known for its colorful patterns, so it's no surprise that Margherita would take her own cues from the venerable fashion house. The three girls wore co-ordinated looks at the de Girsgono party with long knit skirts in dark fabrics and loose hair.

4. Loose, figure hiding clothing

Loose fitting, layered looks seem to be the rage for these girls. It's a style that sets them apart from even their very fashionable fourth BFF, Charlotte Casiraghi.

[Photos via Vogue Italia and Vogue]