A "Decodent" Celebration At The South Street Seaport

by ALISON KRAWCZYK · February 24, 2010

[All photos by Jonathon Ziegler for PMc] On Tuesday night, the South Street Seaport Museum threw a party to celebrate the opening of its newest exhibit, "Decodence".

The museum exhibit is showcasing objects that were present on the SS Normandie; a 1930's cruise ship that often had celebrities like Cary Grant and Marlene Dietrich aboard. Some of the archived items are an Hermes clutch purse, Lalique glassware, and even some furniture.

Although the styles may have changed, the parallels between the crews on the SS Normandie and the crowd at Tuesday night's event are uncanny. Both are beautiful, wealthy, well-dressed, and know how to have a good time.  Timo Weiland and Kristian Laliberte could pass for modern Cary Grants kinda, right? Maybe? If you're being generous?

Chanel Korby, Kloe Korby, O. Eva Baczynska, Jennifer Berger, Carter Cramer

Anna Weiss, Jason White, Alexa Wagman

Susan Chase, Louise Tabbiner, Denise Felloni, Adele Carr, Max Abbott, Jackie Battel

Kortnee Quiza, Elizabeth Bergren, Justin Belmont, Andrew Lutjens

DJ Bobby Nourmand, Asher Simcoe, Hattie Gruber

Brendan Kereiakes, Lindsay Niggeman, Ben Fink Shapiro

Denise Porcaro, Matthew Ellenberger, Noelle Masini, Philippe Hoerle

Christopher Pastor, John Finger, Chris Welty, Seth Weissman, Eric Spear

Tierney Model, Eric Belmont, Mark Watson, Nicole Holbrook