Confidential Launch Of Thirdman At Bergdorf Goodman

by Barbara Russ · February 22, 2012

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The secret of who the mysterious Thirdman might be was not disclosed at Bergdorf Goodman last night. The new fragrance brand directed at lovers of niche perfumery likes to keep it mysterious when it comes to the third man involved with the creation of their three scents, but apparently it is a well known person.

The two perfumers, Jean-Christophe le Greves and Bruno Jovanovic, who attended the event and created the perfumes called Eau Moderne, Eau Monumentale and Eau Profonde, celebrated the launch of the new fragrance line along with Martine Assouline, Jean-Christophe le Greves, Nicolas Mirzayantz, Prosper Assouline, Amanda Ross, Clement Gavarry and Guillaume De Lesquen of Ralph Lauren fragrances.

[Anne-Marie Marcus,Martine Assouline, Jean-Christophe le Greves, Nicolas Mirzayantz, Prosper Assouline]

[Martine Assouline]

[Clement Gavarry, Jean-Christophe le Greves]

[Alexandra Mirzayantz]

[Clement Gavarry]

[Jean-Christophe le Greves, Nicolas Mirzayantz, Amanda Ross]