Friends Of The Arts Party Previews Christie's Latin American Show

by SARAH MANDATO · November 16, 2009

Patrick McMullan [All photos by PATRICK MCMULLAN for PMc].

The third annual Friends of the Arts Party previewed the Latin American Art show for Christie's auction house, last Friday.

Patrick McMullan, Kipton Cronkite, Zev Eisenberg and Tia Walker attended this partnership of Alliance for the Arts with New York Lawyers for the Public Interest, to support art advocacy while engaging conversation.-


Patrick McMullan Kipton Cronkite, Aaron Gelbman Patrick McMullan, Kipton Cronkite, Aaron Gelbman

Elaina Matsui, Tia Walker Kristin Harris, Emily Morrison Elaina Matsui, Tia Walker, Kristin Harris, Emily Morrison

Michele Leonard, Michael Yeager Johnny Moore, Cameron Carpenter Michele Leonard, Michael Yeager, Johnny Moore, Cameron Carpenter

Zev Eisenberg, Elaina Matsui Joey Lico, Lauren Naru Zev Eisenberg, Elaina Matsui, Joey Lico, Lauren Naru

Andrew Miller, Dayle Riedel, Adam Dworkin Andrew Miller, Dayle Riedel, Adam Dworkin

Alexander Peacock, Emily Baker Alexander Peacock, Emily Baker

Amar Ramasar, Alysia Dawn, Reed Hague Amar Ramasar, Alysia Dawn, Reed Hague

Brian Ellner, Lane Harwell Brian Ellner, Lane Harwell

Christine Raglan, Emilio Baccardi Christine Raglan, Emilio Baccardi