Facebook Status Report Roundup

by Rachelle Hruska · January 27, 2009

Scott Buccheit thinks the reason he likes poor, stupid men is because opposites attract. 8 minutes ago


Ariel Ilana Moses tonight- Penthouse Photo Hunt Competition at the Village Pourhouse (Amsterdam & 109th)! 6:30-8 PM..be there or be..well, be there! 19 minutes ago

Timo Weiland is on sales/marketing trip to London.UK. 50 minutes ago


Peter Davis The 2009 Oscar noms are BS. Lets Face it: Slumdog Millionaire was good but rife with cliches, Milk is watered-down Van Sant and Ben Button=sappy. Updated via Facebook Mobile about an hour ago

Malcolm Harris loves the fact he can go out on a Monday night at 1:00 a.m. - vibe with a totally different crowd and be home in time to watch the repeat of Rachel Maddow!!! 7 hours ago

More status reports below:

Kristian Laliberte is hanging out with the concierge of my hotel. he is hot. 8 hours ago


Topper Luciani is home wearing a snuggie drinking chamomile tea by the fire with my 30 cats purring while I listen to all of my wind chimes blow in the wind. 10 hours ago

Christopher London wants all his former college friends from Warren Towers at BU in the 1980's to friend him. 11 hours ago

Lelaine Lau is straight up trippin' on re-connecting with some friends from her WAAAAYYYY back LA days!! 14 hours ago