Facebook Status Report Roundup

by Rachelle Hruska · February 13, 2009

Kelly Cutrone says, NY Fashion Week: Day One. about an hour ago


Tia Walker is...may the winds of FASHION WEEK pass over me like a cool breeze...let the games BEGIN!!!!!! Updated via Facebook Mobile 3 hours ago

Emily Giffin is not even a little bit pregnant. 7 hours ago


Kashmir Snowdon-Jones is in l ? ve with LA.. 7 hours ago


Brittany Mendenhall is at Highbar then Pink, Cain and B8. Staying as far away from M2 and DJ AM as possible! 8 hours ago - via Twitter

More status roundups below...

Jason Andrew Sparrow is at the Rascal Flatts concerts and Jessica Simpson is opening!!!!! Yay!!! Updated via Facebook Mobile 12 hours ago


Devorah Rose "help me... help me get away from myself. I want * you like an animal. I want to feel you from the inside." Front row @ Alvin Valley has the most delish musikkk. Updated via Facebook Mobile 12 hours ago

Carol Han is fashion week lesson #1: do not attempt to "cook dinner" in the midst of fashion week on three hours of sleep when you can barely form coherent sentences. 12 hours ago

Rex Sorgatz "I knew Andy Kaufman, and you're no Andy Kaufman." --Crispin Glover to Joaquin Phoenix [imagined]. 13 hours ago - via Twitter

Stephanie M Wei has jumped on the tumblr bandwagon and is loving it!!!! http://stephaniewei.tumblr.com. 15 hours ago

Lockhart Steele Heading to check out the Barneys Warehouse Sale men's section for @racked, which is liveblogging, natch: http://tinyurl.com/brzz82. 23 hours ago - via Twitter