Facebook Status Report Roundup

by guestofaguest · February 24, 2009

Emmett Shine is downtown STATionary fun! Updated via Facebook Mobile about an hour ago


Sebastian Bland FOCKK its MARDI GRAS tomorrow>> EVERYONE COME TO DORIANS. about an hour ago


Malcolm Harris and Tyson just remebered we forgot to eat dinner. We are co-dependent work-aholics. I am truly hoping we can make it to Raoul's before they close the kitchen!!! about an hour ago

Joshua David Stein is guiding future tourists. 2 hours ago


Kim Bates thinks in a time when we are clinging to simpler times, comfort and nostalgia, the oscars were right on-the intimate set, the vintage glam and typewriter font. 4 hours ago

More status updates below...

Douglas Marshall is it's annoying when Chase Fraud department calls you to verify all the purchases you made in Vancouver. Translation: "We didn't think you had MONEY for that." 5 hours ago

Adrien Field Putting on a pair of YSL shoes to walk two blocks to get a slice of pizza. That is pure dedication to style. 5 hours ago - via Twitter

Daniel Koch is La Zarza 1 Year Anniv tonight with DJ Marco... 5 hours ago


Kerry ? Cassidy is probably in love with Matt Levine!!! Can't wait for my rinestoned sippy cup at the Eldridge :). 7 hours ago

Peter Davis overheard outside the VF party. Madonna, hiding from paparazzi behind a hedge, to driver: "Do you think I like waiting?" 9 hours ago

Stephanie M Wei is on set filming at b8...as an insignificant extra. ha! Updated via Facebook Mobile 11 hours ago


Rachel Sklar is back from Texas and yes, 'Booters, will be posting photos soon. 14 hours ago


Lydia Hearst is off to MADRID!!! 16 hours ago