Facebook Status Report Roundup

by Rachelle Hruska · July 20, 2008

 Eric Spear sat at the table next to Tyra Banks at Sunset beach today!! 55 minutes ago

-  Tiffany Koury is SO EXCITED about everything happening! 24 minutes ago


 Paul Johnson Calderon is watching The Breakfast Club & wishes he were in all-day detention, too...like back in the day. 3 hours ago

 Nicholas Dietz is weekend wouldn't be complete without the Lobster Inn. Updated via Facebook Mobile 3 hours ago


 Devorah Rose is so many gifts and its not even my bday:-) :-) Blue Roses are my fav BTW... Tee hee. Updated via Facebook Mobile 3 hours ago


 Scott Buccheit is going to see what all the hubub is about and seeing Batman tonight. 4 hours ago

-  Ben Watts who brought more pool toys ....rennie ? 8 hours ago