Facebook Status Report Roundup

by Rachelle Hruska · August 17, 2008

lockart-steeleLockhart Steele Working Sunday. Some fun stuff coming out of the pipeline in preview version tomorrow at Curbed. 3 hours ago

tamie-peters-thomasTamie Peters Thomas is relaxing by the pool listening to the dead. Updated via Facebook Mobile 5 hours ago


timoTimo Weiland lost his phone in Southampton last night! 6 hours ago


doug-marshallDouglas Marshall convo w/ Nick Dietz and Megan: Nick: Smell my new fragrance Megan: My brother is gay and he would NOT wear that. Nick: Well maybe he's not as gay as we are! 6 hours ago

nestor1Nestor Jazmani Dutan loved Vikki Christina Barcelona...I need to get me a spaniard! 9 hours ago


francesco2Francesco Civetta is SuperBad Izzy GOLD AND IS "Leaving on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again"... 9 hours ago

melissa-berkelhammer1Melissa Berkelhammer is getting ZAPPED on monday. FUN FUN FUN!! 22 hours ago


devorah-rose1Devorah Rose is tent @ polo, victoria's secret party, angel sanchez and nacho dinner, della femina event, and CW party :-) So fun 2 play!! Updated via Facebook Mobile on Saturday

wass-stevens1Wass Stevens is contemplating his next adrenaline rush life threatening adventure... Updated via Facebook Mobile on Saturday