Facebook Status Report Roundup

by Rachelle Hruska · September 26, 2008

Jessica Coen I am dreading the season premiere of Grey's An--oh god, there's Meredith's stupid fucking voice. Here we go. 3 hours ago - via Twitter

Nick Confessore is cracking a beer and settling in at the Ryan Adams show. In other words, all is right. Updated via Facebook Mobile 3 hours ago

Lockhart Steele In Maine, watching Survivor. Life good. 3 hours ago - via Twitter


Elliott David lives in New York City. Not Los Angeles. 7 hours ago


Devorah Rose is its one of those days you reread Gaitskill's Bad Behavior and the sections you highlighted of Orwell's A Collection of Essays. Updated via Facebook Mobile 10 hours ago

Kerry ? Cassidy is packing for Cali, doing some business, Eldridge tonight etc. Updated via Facebook Mobile 11 hours ago


Steve Lewis is writing his blog which can be found in the nightlife section of blackbook magazine on line. 11 hours ago

Stephanie Wei is still laughing. 11 hours ago


Peter Davis is not going to write Michael Alig in prison, ever. How monstrous! 12 hours ago