Facebook Status Report Roundup

by Rachelle Hruska · November 7, 2008

Douglas Marshall was verbally attacked by 5 drunk frat guys in Midtown East for wearing shorts, knee-high socks and a bowtie. They yelled, "What the fuck are you wearing"??!! 8 minutes ago

Devorah Rose is @ rose bar. Updated via Facebook Mobile 58 minutes ago


Topper Luciani doesnt ike to get poitical but shouldn't gay folk have the right to be equally as miserable as married straight folk? 5 hours ago

Leven Rambin is COMING TO NYC ON MONDAY. 7 hours ago


Stephanie M Wei is peace out. see you in the spring. xoxo. Updated via Facebook Mobile 8 hours ago


Noelle Hancock is appearing on Fox News' "Red Eye" tonight. Tune in and watch her say inappropriate things that will horrify her mother. 9 hours ago

Douglas B Friedman is a second class citizen! Thanks California. 10 hours ago


Lelaine Lau It's finally the end of an error!! 10 hours ago


Peter Davis is PROTESTING PROP 8 outside the Mormon Temple (10777 Santa Monica Blvd) in LA at 2pm!!!! Please join the PROTEST!!!! 13 hours ago