Facebook Status Report Roundup

by Rachelle Hruska · November 12, 2008

elliot-davidElliott David Ray Kurzweil wrote that in the year 2029, machines will convince us they have feelings. That same year, Buddy Holly's music enters public domain. Coincidence? about an hour ago

jessica-coen3Jessica Coen Why does the Bowery Hotel still have tables outside? Like they're going to trick us into thinking it's a momentary Mediterranean paradise? about an hour ago - via Twitter

steve-lewis1Steve Lewis is reminding those who are asking,, my blog has moved to blackbookmag.com nightlife goodnight mr lewis. thx. 2 hours ago

scott-lippsScott Lipps is heading to blue and cream. 4 hours ago -

scott-buccheit5Scott Buccheit is waverly for dinner then to patrick's and aspen.... 4 hours ago


derek-kochDerek M. Koch is working on the opening of Le Privée. 5 hours ago


jonathan-rojewskiJonathan Rojewski can't believe the Tanteo shipment has finally arrived! 6 hours ago


jules-darling-kirby1Jules Darling Kirby galleries galleries parties galleries this evening with Skye Nicolas. 7 hours ago


dj-nickDJ Nick Cohen is UES / B & C / TENJUNE TUES DISCO DISCO! 8 hours ago


peter-davis7Peter Davis is sure that Sean Penn will win 2nd Oscar for MILK which everyone must see, even if it's only to see James Franco swim naked. AMAZING movie!!!! 10 hours ago