Facebook Status Report Roundup

by Rachelle Hruska · November 19, 2008

Douglas B Friedman is always waiting for the maid to show up. 34 minutes ago


Tia Walker is up and at em of COURSE. To all concerned I am RESTING thanks for your KIND words!!!! XOXOXO. 55 minutes ago

Jules Darling Kirby is freezing and staying in bed until dinner. about an hour ago


Lydia Hearst is working. I will not be attending Art Rocks on November 20, 2008, because I am in Europe. about an hour ago

David Xavier Prutting Congrats to TIMO! his new Neckwear line.... 4 hours ago


Leven Rambin is post-Timo!, Christian Siriano bday, Rose Bar, Norwood, and Beatrice. Enough gay to last a lifetime. 5 hours ago

Naeem Delbridge is leven rambin is that head banger boogie shit. loves the tranny. Updated via Facebook Mobile 8 hours ago


Paul Johnson Calderon hearts Lily Bowles, her good advice and no nonsense style...hahaha it's lily good! Can't wait til you're here for nye!! Xxxxxxxxxx. Updated via Facebook Mobile 9 hours ago

Ari Seth Cohen is Sasha Fierce sucked. 10 hours ago


Devorah Rose on my way to rose. Updated via Facebook Mobile 10 hours ago


Brittany Mendenhall does not appreciate the Christmas music. My Hallloween costume is still at the dry cleaners and I haven't bought a turkey yet... could we relax... Please! Updated via Facebook Mobile 10 hours ago