Facebook Status Report Roundup

by Rachelle Hruska · December 4, 2008

Adrien Field Eating frozen grapes and writing. Hopefully the antioxidants will counteract the aging effects of my absurd sleep schedule. 21 minutes ago - via Twitter

Paul Johnson Calderon thinks there are WAAAAAY too many slores on fbook, but...Do you wanna piece of me? 22 minutes ago

Mina-Jacqueline Au just had a very successful event and raised a lot of money for charities! Yay!! Thanks to everyone that came out. :-.) 59 minutes ago

Brittany Mendenhall Doesn't understand why her heat turns off at 1030pm every night but is BLASTING while she is at work! Who RUNS this building and WTFITA?!?! about an hour ago - via Twitter

Scott Buccheit is at Charles street then many many birthday parties. Updated via Facebook Mobile 2 hours ago


Jules Kirby mac & cheese munchies and Mother Tucker Family Guy episode waaay better than any party. 2 hours ago

Alexandra Alexis is gonna go see Britney at The Box. 2 hours ago


Rocco Ancarola is back from rome & getting ready to open pink elephant in Puerta Vallarta mexico&Sao Paolo Brasil. 3 hours ago

Eric Spear is art baseling in the morning! 3 hours ago


Stephanie M Wei is heading back to nyc for the envirolution party on thurs. 4 hours ago


Emma Snowdon-Jones smells something bitter...oh, wait...correction:Emma is bitter. 12 hours ago