Facebook Status Report Roundup And Terrific Tweets From Twitter

by Rachelle Hruska · March 5, 2009

In the words of Elliott David's facebook: "Elliott David 10 minutes ago I didn't know what twitter was. now, if you don't add @Flauntmagazine to your twitter, I'll get fired. do it. whatever it is..."

@MarthaStewart sharkey and francesca are in the studio today preparing for a segment at lion brand yarns- they want to learn to knit! 12 minutes ago from web

Jules Darling Kirby RIP JC, i will miss you forever : ( so sad. 4 hours ago


Carol Han is sitting about ONE FOOT away from Valentino at Montagna restaurant in Aspen. Holy suntan. 6 hours ago

@thecajunboy I defy any carnivore to find chili that contains actual meat anywhere in Park Slope, Bkln. Yes, I've tried. I don't want fucking 3 lentil. about 7 hours ago from TwitterBerry

@stephaniewei @davidkarp just pulled the wool over our eyes and let us think we were splitting bill. Wtf?? I guess chivalry isn't dead.about 9 hours ago from TwitterBerry

More status updates below...

@kevinrose RT: Facebook is cool but Twitter is the sh*t! (via @mrskutcher) haha Demi Moore speaks the truth :) about 9 hours ago from Tweetie in reply to mrskutcher

Scott Buccheit is watching the newest cycle of America's Never Going to be a Top Model. Updated via Facebook Mobile 11 hours ago


@johncmayer I think if you finish a Tweet with characters to spare you should get rollover letters. about 13 hours ago from web


Rachel Sklar is home in Toronto, lookin' to spend some Loonies. 18 hours ago