Facebook Status Report Roundup, Inauguration Day Edition

by Rachelle Hruska · January 20, 2009

Brittany Mendenhall just got interviewed for the WSJ. Walking to inaguration! 38 seconds ago - via Twitter


Ariel Ilana Moses is wishing her brother good luck taking photos at the inauguration today...don't get trampled? 36 seconds ago

Jesse Oxfeld can't help thinking, But you are, Dick--you are in that chair. about an hour ago


Tim Morehouse is recharching and excited for the inauguration! 2 hours ago


Adrien Field Read over and revised all 300+ novel pages from 5PM until 4AM now. Kinko's tomorrow for full hard copy. 5 hours ago - via Twitter

More Status Updates Below:

Steve Kasuba is sundanced the F#+k out. Updated via Facebook Mobile 6 hours ago


Douglas Marshall graduated from St. Barths Winter Camp with a mayjah in late night dance parties and is now back in NY!!! 8 hours ago

Tamie Peters Thomas ding dong Bush is gone! Updated via Facebook Mobile 8 hours ago


Mary Rambin is clarifying that I had no idea my status was that I was interested in women. I believe it now reads I am interested in [nothing] and am currently single. 9 hours ago

Paul Johnson Calderon is don't bogart that joint my friend, pass it over to me...easy rider with em. So chill. Xxxxxxx. Updated via Facebook Mobile 10 hours ago

Christopher London says I will watch the Inauguration on NBC & CNN with limited peaks at ABC. And only watch FOX @ 7:45 a.m. for Cliff Schecter. 10 hours ago

Scott Buccheit just spent his next vacation budget at the animal hospital. And the first person to mention pet insurance gets deleted. Updated via Facebook Mobile 11 hours ago

Kristian Laliberte is best gossip girl ever. chuck crying, blair bein bossy, killer plaids and yuki nelli. one question, though. Was I born before or after One Tree Hill premiered. 12 hours ago

Jules Kirby RIP GWB. 13 hours ago


Lockhart Steele Outside National Building Museum waiting for credentials packet. Total lockdown! Oh, right, here comes the president-elect's motorcade. 14 hours ago - via Twitter

Liam McMullan is chilling in D.C. with obama. Updated via Facebook Mobile 15 hours ago


Melissa Berkelhammer as much as I am looking forward to our new era starting tomorrow, I will miss the 8 yrs we had of a celebrity free administration. Updated via Facebook Mobile 16 hours ago

Joshua David Stein is applying to law school. 19 hours ago