Facebook Status Report Roundup, Weekend Edition

by Rachelle Hruska · February 2, 2009

Ariel Ilana Moses is oy michael phelps, way to ruin the good thing you had going.. 36 minutes ago


Joshua David Stein is recovering. about an hour ago


Anisha Lakhani is dreaming of revelry. 3 hours ago


Christopher London says I AM HAPPY STEELERS WON----but damn if I am not SO IMPRESSED with KURT WARNER'S RESOLVE, DETERMINATION & SKILL. 6 hours ago

Nick Cohen is 25. 7 hours ago


More status updates below:

Douglas Marshall is tonight some old guy stopped me on the street and asked me if I knew where the "Leopard Lounge is". Quite frankly, I hope I never know where it is. 7 hours ago

Steve Lewis is not getting any wiser just getting older :( im djing from 12-1 monday night at greenhouse just say my name, then duck fast. 8 hours ago

Eric Spear is WOW nineties midwestern proms were HOT!!!! 10 hours ago


Kristian Laliberte is sunburned, surrounded by mosquito netting, and wondering if last night really happened. ps learned how to surf with island boys. 12 hours ago

Alexa Greenstadt Go Hank yourself! Updated via Facebook Mobile on Sunday


Caroline McCarthy is solemnly observing John F. Carney III's wistful departure from the land of the young and rowdy. Happy birthday, dude. on Saturday