Kelly Rutherford And Isaac Mizrahi Share A Laugh At Holiday Cocktail Party

by Chiara Atik · December 10, 2009

Last night, Isaac Mizrahi and Muriel Brandolini hosted a cocktail party to celebrate the Limited Edition Holiday collection for Target.[All photos by Carrie Shaltz for PMc]. The event, held at Mizrahi's NYC store, gave invited guests, including Kelly Rutherford, a chance to preview Mizrahi and Brandolini's lines, as well as enjoy a cocktail or two.

Isaac Mizrahi                                  Kelly Rutherford

Elizabeth Kennedy, Kristen Naiman, Fiona Rudin

Henry Pincus, Ana Pincus                Meghan Horstmann, Sarah Carnabuci, Erika Stair

Muriel Brandolini                             Alex Donner, Kate Edmonds Donner

Max Snow, Taya Thurman                Betty Lui

Sarah Carnabuci, Marisa Gardini, Erika Stair, Meghan Horstmann

Susan Dunne, Libby Moulton           Paul Silva, Gisela Porcelli