The City's Freddie Fackelmayer Hosts Party For Mandy Coon

by CATHERINE PERIDIS · December 4, 2009

DJ turned Designer, Mandy Coon, celebrated her new collection at Debut last night. The event was hosted by the ever present Freddie Fackelmayer, known for his pseudo boyfriend status on MTV's The City.


[all photos by Thomas Evans for PMc] This is Mandy Coon's first foray into fashion design. Coon rose to fame as part of the DJ duo Two Mandy DJs. Coon previewed her Spring/Summer 2010 collection at the event. Fackelmayer was on hand to help hoist the soiree.attendees included Christine Arzeno, Brittany Weeden, Scott Rudin, Jessie Epstin, Lisa Weiss, Julie Glick, Amy Kerner.

Dima Dubson, Mandy Coon, Teresa Cheng

Brittany Weeden                           Julie Glick, Amy Kerner

Freddie Fackelmayer, Christine Arzeno, Brittany Weeden, Scott Rudin, Jessie Epstin Silvie Schnair, Joe Schnair              Melissa Shepard, Jenny Freedman

Joe Stavolf, Luciana Akel, John Termini

?, Dennis Murphy                            Lorna Solano

Matthew Chaifetz, ?, Scott Rudin

Jonathan Arnold, Lisa Weiss, Freddie Fackelmayer