The Ferragamo Party By The Numbers

By Chiara Atik on Thursday, July 1, 2010

Go HERE for more photos by Sunny Norton, and tag yourself and your friends!

Last night, anybody who's anybody (and even some nobodies) headed past the hoi polloi milling about the Standard Beer Garden and up to the newly opened Le Bain, where the panoramic views were nearly enough to distract from the impossibly beautiful guest list. Below, a rundown of the evening, by the numbers.-

  • 2 nearly naked models (girl wearing a shirt, and nothing; boy wearing boxers, and nothing)
  • 40 (at least) number of people posing forĀ  faux-"morning after" pictures on water beds with disheveled sheets with said nearly naked models
  • 0 number of Ferragamo Flats included in the giftbags (damnit!)
  • 2 people named Chiara in attendance (ahem.)
  • 500 people clamoring to get up on the roof at around 10:40
  • 1 Number of awesome actresses who attended with dating blogger boyfriends