Bijoux Lounge Hosts Fashion Rocks After Party, Proves Rain Not Enought To Stop Will.I.Am

by Rachelle Hruska · September 8, 2008

Fergie at Bijoux [Fergie entering Bijoux.  Photos by Rob Rich]

Bijoux Lounge below restaurant Merkato 55 is officially open and not even the pouring rain could keep the Fashion Rockers from missing out on this exclusive party.  Will.I.Am hosted the private afterparty for Fashion Rocks and friends like Fergie, Kid Rock, Fergie, Lil John, Sean Paul and Terrence Howard.

I'm sure the diners at Merkato 55 were happy they chose that venue to dine on Saturday.  Bijoux Lounge is "underground in both senses of the word, so all you'll find out front is an interrogation-room-style, two-way tinted-glass door with a bouncer hiding behind it.  If you can entice the door to open, you're in." [UrbanDaddy]  I was holed up inside, the weather keeping even me at bay, however I heard that Will.I.Am played DJ all night long, a real treat as he rarely does this.

Sean PaulWill.I.AmSteve Kasuba, Gigi GanatraMark D\'agastino, Kate Gibbs

More story and photos below:

Unik and Kid Rock

Unik and Kid Rock

"If you can entice the door to open, you're in. Just head downstairs, down the kitchen corridor (dodging the Berbere rack of lamb on its way upstairs) and through the door labeled "private."

Inside, you'll find a low-ceilinged, mood-lit paradise, complete with a custom-carved ceiling, black-and-gold posters of a model in the nude and a fog-covered well in the center, in case the journey left you parched. Then again, there's bottle service for that, and a leather banquette in an appropriately shadowy corner that you'll want to seek out with your date later in the evening. As for the clientele, private parties are bringing Jay-Z, Kanye and nightlife marauder Ben Affleck through the kitchen doors, so the guest list may have yet another surprise in store." [UrbanDaddy]

Terence Howard

Terrence Howard

Braving the rain

Braving the rain

Merkato 55

Merkato 55