Matthew Williamson Checks Out Rachel Zoe, We Checked Out Lohan's Numerous Wardrobe Changes At His Store Opening

by Chelsea Burcz · February 16, 2009

Matthew Williamson, Rachel Zoe ["Does this print make me look fat?" Photos by NEIL RASMUS for PMc]

Matthew Williamson showed off his latest line of flowy, flirty and (as always) colorful designs at his store opening last night on West 14th Street. Williamson, a UK native, buddied up with his favorite celeb fashionistas as they got to see, touch, and wear (what's up with Lindsay Lohan's wardrobe change mid-party?) his collection. More photos and story below (Zelda was there!)...

Zelda KaplanHeidi Klum, Matthew WilliamsonMatthew WilliamsonLilly Collins, Matthew WilliamsonJoy BryantKatharine Mcphee

Hollywood babes such as Joy Bryant, Heidi Klum, Lindsay Lohan, Lilly Collins, Katherine Mcphee, Mischa Barton, Anja Rubik, and Becki Newton all attended the affair to support Williamson.

Matthew Williamson

Matthew WilliamsonMatthew Williamson Lindsay Lohan in outfits #1 and #2 early in the night

Matthew Williamson Lindsay's outfit later in the night

Mischa Barton, Matthew Williamson Mischa Barton, Matthew Williamson

Waris Ahluwalia, Anne Dexter Jones Waris Ahluwalia, Anne Dexter Jones

Heidi Klum, Matthew WilliamsonJoy Bryant Heidi Klum, Matthew Williamson, Joy Bryant

Douglas Marshall, Kristian Laliberte Douglas Marshall, Kristian Laliberte

Treya, Matthew WilliamsonZelda Kaplan Treya, Matthew Williamson, Zelda Kaplan

Lilly Collins, Matthew WilliamsonKatharine Mcphee Lilly Collins, Matthew Williamson, Katharine Mcphee

Lindsay Lohan, Matthew Williamson Lindsay Lohan, Matthew Williamson