Max Azria Hosts Dinner At Thompson Hotel To Celebrate Fall Collection

by Chiara Atik · February 17, 2010

[All photos by Clint Spaulding for PMc] In celebration of their Fall 2010 runway show, Max and Lubov Azria headed to Shang at the Thompson Hotel for a dinner with their closest friends and fans, including Michelle Trachtenberg, who donned a piece from Azria's other line, Herve Ledger. The designer's trademark dark silhouettes and moody pieces were on display on the beautiful brand favorites who stopped by including Melissa George, and model Maggie Q.-

Lubov Azria, Max Azria, Melissa George

Maggie Q                                     Lubov Azria, Michelle Trachtenberg

Jean, David Jehan, Audrey Azria, Philip Eytan

Pearl Lee, Patrick McGregor, Debbie Pearlman  Francesca Cagnatto, Nicola Gallotti

Hannah Filbin, Beth Peterson        Michelle Norkett, Renoir Lamonerie

Anthony Catalano, Monique Webber, Stephen Zillalon, Leanna Levy

Iris Klein, Monique Webber             Sigal Celik, Gokhan Celik, Shannon Durst

Lubov Azria, Max Azria