Art, Tea, And Zen With Yoshiaki Yuki At Gallery Gen

by Chiara Atik · April 13, 2009

[Gallery Gen Staff. All photos by AMBER DE VOS for PMc]

On Friday, April 10th, Gallery Gen in Tribeca hosted an Open House Gallery for  Yoshiaki Yuki, the renowned Japanese artist known for his elegant fusion of calligraphy and painting.  Art aficionados were able to take in Mr. Yuki's paintings, screens, and ceramics, in addition to enjoying a traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony. Among the attendees were the artist, designer Brigitte Vosse, photographer Kimio Takeyama, Westwood Gallery owner James Cavello, and artist Yuka Hasegawa. The show, originally intended to run only briefly, was extended through Sunday in order to give patrons an additional opportunity to view the exciting new work. Mr.Yuki's work can next be seen in New York at the upcoming SOFA NEW YORK exhibit.

Hiro Otsubo, Kiyoko Otsubo, Masako Yuki

Valerie Foley, Jean Stone

Sarah Dupont, James Cavello

Mark Olman, MashikoTasaki, Yoshiaki Yuki

Masako Yuki, Tomoko Yagi, Kiyoko Otsubo

Saya Bliss, Dana Bliss

Keith Whipple, Barbara Fuchille, Ayako Sudo

Kaoru Hirigaya, Yoshiaki Yuki, Yuka Hasegawa

Brigitte Vosse, Diana Riggle

The Gallery