Beaching It In NYC With Jogo By Pooneh

by KRISTIN LUCIANO · June 25, 2009

Pooneh, Sal Strazullo, Tracy Stern[Pooneh, Sal Strazullo, Tracy Stern. All photos by CHANCE YEH for PMc] June 24th, the Parker Store on Madison Avenue welcomed one of their newest additions, Jogo by Pooneh. Jogo by Pooneh is a new beach and lifestyle collection that features brightly colored bathing suits, flip flops, bags, and rope handled beach totes all designed by Pooneh herself. If you are going to be in Southampton this weekend and are looking for some bikinis and booze, a second launch of Jogo by Pooneh will be held at Day & Night Beach Club on June 27th. Stay tuned for full coverage of this event of this event by GofG Hamptons.

Amanda Mosle Friedman, PoonehInga Vafcenkove, Syl Tang Amanda Mosle Friedman, Pooneh, Inga Vafcenkove, Syl Tang

Jack Bryan, Megan ZillisPooneh

Jack Bryan, Megan Zillis, Pooneh

Samantha Barney, Rikke Peterson Samantha Barney, Rikke Peterson

Jill Marshall, Andrew ParkerMegan Zilis Jill Marshall, Andrew Parker, Megan Zilis

Pooneh, Robert TatumEdward Barsamian, Jack Bryan Pooneh, Robert Tatum, Edward Barsamian, Jack Bryan

Jogo By Pooneh

Janna Bullock, Pooneh, Tracy SternPooneh Janna Bullock, Pooneh, Tracy Stern, Pooneh