Bergdorf's Celebrates "Lifeguard On Duty," With Whitney Port And *Gasp* Her New Man?!

by SARAH MANDATO · May 8, 2009

[Christian Neverall, Whitney Port, Samantha Swetra, Harry Fachelmayer. All photos by JOE SCHILDHORN for PMc].

Yesterday, Bergdorf's celebrated the publication of photographer Matt Albiani's "Lifeguard On Duty," a veritable Abercrombie photo catalog of bronzed, washboard abs. Among those checking out the Vanity Fair alum's latest work was Whitney Port, who had a dashing young gentleman in tow. Following a too-little-too-late love declaration from Jay, is Christian Neverall going to catch those "bright lights, long nights" with the reality tv darling? After all this Aussie rocker/model philandering nonsense from the first season of The Hills gone East, homegirl definitely deserves a real man. Plus I'm a sucker for a boy in a blazer...

Gary Tade, Michael Bastian

Erin Featherston, Jenny Sweeney, Matt Albiani

Jessica Jones, Eric Heidenberger, Karolina Zmarlak

Sabine Heller, Ashley Wick, Daniel Corona, Jill Demling

Ben Clawson, Michael Bastian, Eugenia Gonzalez, Marlon Gobel

Gary Tade, Linda Fargo, Luiz Morias, Deborah Watson

Chris Spitzmiller, Tory Mellott, Conrad Wollfe, Birch Cooper

Brooks Thomas, Tommy Fazio