Cocktails In Candyland At Dylan's Candy Bar

by KRISTIN LUCIANO · June 19, 2009

Claudia Davidson, Lindsay Siegel, Natasha Norman[Claudia Davidson, Lindsay Siegel, Natasha Norman, All photos by CHANCE YEH for PMc] Cocktails in Candyland sounds like a dream come true. Thursday evening, Dylan's Candy Bar hosted a cocktail party that featured a chocolate fountain and candy treats for all. With the event's proceeds going to the Association To Benefit Children (ABC), the event was a sweet success made by celebrity DJ Isaac Flanagan and attendances by Zack Chodorow, Jessie Della Famina, Jerry Della Femina, and Grace Gummer. More sacchariferous pictures of the event below...

Jamie Davidson, Jessie Della FaminaIsaac Flanagan, Zack Chodorow Jamie Davidson, Jessie Della Famina, Isaac Flanagan, Zack Chodorow

Britney Friedlander, Aaron GrossbardJamie Davidson Britney Friedlander, Aaron Grossbard, Jamie Davidson

Grace GummerDavy Gardner Grace Gummer, Davy Gardner

Zoe Marcuse, Katrina FrantzJack Hadlock, Judy Hadlock Zoe Marcuse, Katrina Frantz, Jack Hadlock, Judy Hadlock

DJ Mess Kid, Anna SchillingJill Marino, Maura Blankfein Anna Schilling, Jill Marino, Maura Blankfein

Dylan's Candy BarDylan's Candy Bar

Dylan's Candy BarDylan's Candy Bar