Daring Trends For This Summer's Music Fests

by guestofaguest · July 12, 2010

Each summer music festivals pop up to free us from our busy work weeks. There's nothing like a hot summer day surrounded by groupies and sipping on cold beer... ahhh what a dream. But half the fun is getting dressed. Have no clue what to wear? Here's a manual to this summer's music festivals craziest trends and how to rock them.


We took a look at some of the hottest concert trends and put our own spin on them. Prepare yourself because this could get ugly...



Express yourself with anything from a fashion-forward fedora to a festive headdress



Make sure your bag is ugly enough so no one will steal it

When in doubt, just grab your trusty clutch!

Body paint

A good way to make friends is group body painting!


Go incognito with a flashy wig

The perfect accessory- umbrellas

Versatile enough for rain or shine!


Make sure your denim is stretched enough for some impromptu break dancing

The "safe choice":

When in doubt, buy a t-shirt at the venue!

Summer dresses and athletic wear are always a safe fall back

Ways to stand out:

Channel past decades Dazzle as a human sparkler*

Go bold in a colorful print     Show your patriotism all summer long!

(Pictures via vogue.it, flickr, cobrasnake, fashionista.com, stylelist.com, elle.com)

Compiled by Cathy Levett and Chloe Post